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neck angle

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I have been a frequent visitor on this site for a while, and I have found it most helpful.

I am working on a neck through the body guitar. In the begining I was planning on using a strat type bridge (non-trem), so I had no angle on the neck. I prefer TOM bridges and this brings up two questions:

1. How do you build a neck through with the angle?


2. Can I convert my current guitar project to a TOM?

Thanks in advance for the help.

PS I read the sticky at the top of the chat, but I need a litle more clarification.

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yes you can substitute one bridge for the other, you simply have to recess the bridge into the guitar a bit to account for the height differences between the 2 types of bridges, then no neck angle would be required.

angling a neck thru is done by gluing the body side peices on a bit tilted then trimming the neck tennon, or by cutting the neck tennon at an angle first, then aligning the body peices flush with the tennon.

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