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k on my guitar im building im putting a bigsby tail piece heres a pic


so what kind of bridge would i need...... aswell anyone know where i can get a cheap bigsby or know of any bigsby clones???? also i want a nice big paddle neck so i can make it look like a gumby headstock as i have not been able to find one, any ideas on where to get those besides warmoth (too pricy)

sorry to ask all these question but when i ask them at long and mcqaude they look at me funny and are complete ass holes lol

thanks guys

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Too right. <laff>

I was born in Portage and spent 4 years in Brandon. When I left Manitoba I swore I'd never return (on a permanent basis).

Er... not to rub salt in the wound since you're stuck there. ;-)

Back on topic, there's some dude on eBay that sells Bigsby-style tremolos, though I quick search didn't turn one up strangely enough-- I could have sworn I saw them by the dozens last time I looked.


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