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carvin moonflower

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k, a really long time ago (back before i knew anything about guitars, even...) carvin came out with a short run (i think only 8) of guitars called the AE185 Moonflower. i've searched everywhere for it, but i haven't been able to find it anywhere. i was wondering if someone had some pics or info on this beauty, as i'm going to be doing a project a lot like it soon (as my memory recalls it, at least).

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That looks like the "right" model, but......

I've seen the "Catfish" one, and it had some MAJOR inlay work done.

As a matter of fact, almost the whole body was covered in various woods (and possibly other materials) to create the stunning inlay of a fish swimming under the lily pads in a pond.

Something Clavin could do, maybe...?


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This is the Breeze series of the AE185.


It was the major inspiration for me to build Woody Woodpicker. They were inlayed by T. Breeze Verdant for Carvin. I suppose that it's not impossible that Carvin might do such a thing again but those things were not cheap. Good thing too or I would have never tried to build a guitar in the first place if I had the do re me to buy one.

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you are the man! the verdant page turned up his works, and i found the moonflower on there. awesome! thank you good sir.

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