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Mystery neck

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I've had this neck a while, and I want to find out what it goes to. I know it's not likely that anyone knows, but I'm asking anyway, just in case. I'd like to know the brand name and what the body it goes to looks like. I have some bridge hardware that might go to the body, but I'm not sure. I think it might be a 22" scale neck, but I'd have to check that again, to be sure. It also has a 'zero fret', but the plastic "spacer nut" is off the neck. Here's some pics :





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That sure is a funky neck. You don't have anything next to it to use for a scale, such as a Tele or Strat neck. That would help.

Some kind of a ruler would help, along the length of the neck, and also across the butt of the neck to see if it is square or not.

Later days,

Guitar Ed

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reminds me of a guitar my mother bought me from Woolworths here in the UK, Audition the brand was. Only difference is headstock shape. Body shape was sort of like a Guild solid, but only about an inch of plywood (yes...) for the body. 1 single soapbar and a trem very similar to the hardware by the neck in the pix. Looks like there's a spring missing from the back of the unit. Never seen another trem like it anywhere.

It's very reminiscent of some of the dreadful European instruments from the 60s..


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Thanks for the replies. Not sure if I'll get around to taking another pic of it next to another neck, but I just took some measurements.

20 frets

2" wide at 20th fret

1 5/8" wide at nut (zero fret)

11 3/4" from zero fret to 12th fret, which makes it a 23 1/2" scale

Yeah, it's cheap, but I'd like to know as much about it before I try to sell it. If I can sell it for enough to buy a big handful of fret-wire, then that's better than leaving it hang on the wall.

If anyone remembers seeing a guitar on the net with this same looking neck, please let me know.

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