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pickup routes

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The only way I'm use to doing it is either freehand (not recomended) or by attaching a template to the body using double sided sticky tape and using a router bit that has a bearing collar so you won't cut through the template itself.

You can accuire them at many fine luthier supply wearhouse's such as Stew Mac or Luthiers Merchantile.

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if the pickup will use a mounting ring or be covered by a pickguard, you could just double-stick scrap pieces as guides and if they are thick enough, you can use a standard straight bit allowing the bit's shaft to "ride along" the "template" pieces. I did my first pickup rout that way in 1987 and it worked fine. I used 1/2" thick wood pieces with carpet tape and a regular straight router bit. Now I have the ball-bearing bit.

If you want those deeper ends to be perfect, you need to rig up a dedicated template pattern for just those ends and have a router bit that goes deep enough.

The "template pieces" could very well turn out as well as the pro templates, but there's a good chance they won't, so that's why I say to do it that way only if the rout will be hidden. Unless you're not like me and don't go crazy if things don't turn out perfectly.

I might be taking something for granted and not giving enough detail. I have a lot of experience with routers and use them all the time in my guitar repair work and my home rehab job work and am currently commissioned to build a special stair-building router jig for a home remodeling company.

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