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Hey there,

I am building a guitar which i plan to put a small amplifier inside that runs off a 9v battery so i have the option of plugging headphones in or just the standard output. I am having a few problems with the amp circuit thought. I have a circuit daigram suited for headphone amplification but I am unsure how to use the diagram (i.e. some of the symbols, and stuff) or how to draw up the PCD board for it (understand the actual marking it all on the PCB, just not planning where everything needs to go). I have scanned the diagram on. Any explanation or help would be very greatly appreciated!! The diagram can be found Here.

Thanks a bunch!


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First of all, that thing will go through batteries like crazy, and probably make you deaf in the process. :D 2.5 watts directly into your ears should make you nearly as deaf as Pete Townshend before the summer's over. Second, no tone controls means your headphones will determine what your guitar sounds like. Plus, no distortion, high component count, lots of nasty electrolytic caps, no existing physical layout or pc design, low-z input (designed for active/ low impedance input - very inefficient for hi-z sources like guitar pickups) - I think it's way less than ideal. Go to General Guitar Gadgets and take a look at the "MXR" headphone amp ( under boosters/routers). It's simpler, doesn't use as much power, and they have a premade pc board that you can buy for around $10.00. Or get a Rockman, they don't take up much space, and they work right out of the box. And you don't have to find a place for the board inside your guitar.

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