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A couple of questions..

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Hi all, I have read thru all the threads and you have answered so many of my questions without my even having to ask them. Thank you already. I still have two questions that I need answered before I start the whole project. First off the project is a Washburn RS-10V that I want to refinish, flame veneer the top, and convert the Floyd Rose bridge to either a stop tail or a Bigsby trem. My questions are: 1) how do I get the glued-in neck off to do the work on each piece separately (and is it even necessary to take of the neck)? 2) How do I fill in the cavity left by the removal of the Floyd? What is the best kind of wood to use, etc. I know the veneer will cover all the wood lines and dowel plugs from the Floyd mount, so in not worried about neatness until the final sanding and staining. Thanks for your help beforehand. This is a great site, and I will purchase all my stuff from Brian's site to help support it.

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Thanks for the link BLS, it is exactly what I want to accomplish. I decided to sand the finish off the body today, until someone can help me out with the glue in neck removal, my hands are still singing to me from 8 hrs with the orbital sander! :D

Anyway, I'm still looking for some help with the best way to get a glued in set neck off without destroying either the neck or the body. Thanks!

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Hi everybody, just a quick update. First, much thanks and props to Brian for steering me in the right direction on how to get that glued in neck off. I used a wagner heat gun set to low temp, and waved it back and forth across the top HB pocket at a hight of about 6" for fifteen min, then went around to the back by the heel and waved the gun around the joint for about 5 min. With a MINIMUM of pressure, the neck fell out into my hand, smooth as butta! :D

Now I can get to work on routing out the trem cavity and filling it for the stop tail/ bigsby. Does anyone have any opinion of which I should install? The TOM or the Bigsby? I'm kind of torn, the Bigby on Joe Perry's flame top LG looks SOOOOO SWEET :D , but I love the feel of a stop tail TOM. Than again, I want some kind of trem option, just not that Floyd..... B):D:D

Opinions are being solicited, and are appreciated.



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