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Best way to finish a neck?

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Have you thought of other neck finishing techniques? Personally I don't like a lacqured neck - gets sticky after playing for a while.. I now use a gel fininish (stew mac carries the gel) - this just wipes on, wipes off...I don't even mask the board.

But if you are masking, I suggest using a very high quality painters tape - or go to the auto parts store and buy a roll of pinstriping tape. Either way, test it out first...you don't want to find out that the solvents melt the tape while it's ON your neck...

Not a maple fretboard I assume?

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Thanks for your answers!

@Morben: I had glossy finished necks like the plague....what I like and what I want to do on this neck is using a satin finish which I make rougher using steal wool. This results in a very durable and wood-like finish. I have that on most of my guitars and like it very much. If the neck was hard maple then I simply would finish it with gunstock oil + wax, but this neck is laminated from bubinga and soft maple and the soft maple needs a tough finish because it is to prone to dings, etc. otherwise....



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Masking tape is the way to go. Also, have a single edged razor blade on hand for clean up afterwards - not matter how carefully you mask, a little lacquer will always wick under the tape along a few frets and need to be scraped off after it cures. I use a nut blank to push the tape tight into the corner along the fret, which helps to minimise the clean up required.

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