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Has anyone used Anegre or Hackberry before

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I just scored a butt load of figured Anegre veneer on the 'bay and have never worked with this wood. I'm interested in buying some thicker boards to use for carved tops. How is this wood to work with and what are the tonal characteristics?

1st auction

2nd auction

Also, I bought a Hackberry board that is almost 14" wide x 3/4" thick and plenty long enough to get 2 bodies out of. I'm going to use a top and back made out of padauk and quilted maple on it. It's gonna' be sweet. Has anyone worked with Hackberry. I've read it is similar to white ash which I despise but I couldn't pass it up for the price.

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I've never worked Hackberry before. I do have both an Ash and a Hackberry in my back yard. Both are about the same age and both are slow growers. The Hackberry is slightly faster than the Ash tree. Given that, I would suspect that the Hackberry would be a medium hard wood and would expect it to be fairly easy to work.

I have a nice Maple tree too. It's my own "guitar forest" :D

*note to self* Need to have trees cut down and dried for building more guitars.

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Funny your mentioning this wood, since I have a friend whose building a complete guitar out of Hackberry at this moment. If your using it for a neck, you better use quite a bit of carbon rod reinforcement which will keep the wood stable. The reason he's building one is for two reasons, Hackberry is one of the lightest woods I've ever seen, and it's an experiment. It makes our swamp ash guitars seem like a heavy weight.. lol.. I'll let you know how his turns out. Maybe I can get him to post some pictures of it. I have some actually that I'll post later on. So right now I couldn't recommend using Hackberry, since we just don't know yet how it's gonna work out. For Bodies I think it would be great since it's ultra light, just not sure of the tone you'd get.

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Maybe there is more than one species of hackberry?

I have about 400 bf of the stuff. Some of the boards are very light and have a grain similar to some of the soft maples and some boards are medium weight and have a grain like ash. It seems to have a pretty high strength to weight ratio.

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