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Tunomatic bridges

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A tailstop and tunomatic will work on and ES335 style archtop where you have a central body block, but on a traditional acoustic archtop with X or longitudinal bracing you will need a trapeze tailpiece and an acoustic style (archtop) bridge.

What guitar are you planning to build or modify/repair? Electric,acoustic?


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Exactly - the Stoptail needs some solid wood to ancor into... It's important when selecting a tailpiece that you have the necessary "break" angle over the bridge to keep the strings on the saddles. This is dependant of course upon the amount of carve on the top and the height of the tailpiece.

Once those are met, you can get creative with what's going to keep the strings where they should be...I've always loved the angled ebony tailpieces. Someone did one that was painted the same as the guitar recently (Myka?)..it was stunning.

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