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Upgrading low end bass / fretboard

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I'm a fan of short scale basses, and always disappointed that most low cost

short scales are low quality "student" models. I'm purchasing one now, and

I'm going to upgrade it with better tuners and pickup.

The rosewood used on low quality basses is generally rough and wide grained.

I want to smooth it out and fill in the grain.

I was thinking of just lacquering the fretboard.

My concern is using any material/technique that would lead to frets lifting.

Anyone know the right way to do this? Thank you.


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Brian, I think the problem he is describing is open grain, rather than unevenly coloured grain, so a dye job probably wouldn't solve it.

I've heard of people filling the open grain with a combination of sawdust and CA glue, or porefilling with marine grade epoxy, though this is more common on a fretless neck. Whatever you opt to do, I think you'll have a tough time working on a fretted neck, it makes sanding with the grain a real PITA and any other approach will leave horrific crossgrain scratches.

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Hi Brian, Setch. Thanks for the comments.

My next question is:

I've done some fret polishing, intonation setting, and restringing, and

I now have a pretty nice sounding inexpensive short scale bass, even before

doing anything with the pickups, wiring, and tuners.

I put some Rotosound nylons on the bass.

With the G string on the upper frets, I have some overtones.

I don't know if I'm using the right term. I'm hearing a dual tone.

It's not very loud and not fatal, but is there any way to address

something like this? Thanks.


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