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Compound veneering

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A while back someone posted about compund veneering,there was some great info flying back and forth so I thought about giving it a whirl.

First soak the veneer in a mix of vinegar,(I used rice wine),and deionied water,(distilled water that has gone flat).

Allow it to soak for a bit so the grain swells.I soaked the pice for about a week.

Pat the piece down so it's still damp and then steam it.

Press over the shape with out any glue and hold it into place,(make sure that you've given about a 1/2" of overhang as it will shrink as it dries).A vaccum clamp would be best.I don't have one so I used tape,( clean-up was fun :D ).Give a while to dry,(i gave it about a week and 1/2 to two weeks.

Pull of the holding material,apply the glue and reset.

I pulled the piece I had setting out about two weeks ago and let it sit on a flat surface to see how much it would relax.Amazingly it held it's shape.

To use a radical curve difference I formed it to the bottom of the neck over the corve and the flat of the heel.

I was going to use it to inlay the bottom of the neck with a silouette,but know I'm wondering if that might look cheesy.

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