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I want something to sand the areas that my bench mounted belt sander can't reach (i.e. inside the horns, curves etc) I realise a spindle sander is the ideal bit of kit for this but sadly I don't think my budget can stretch that far B)

So I need some ideas for a cheaper method. I was thinking about a drill press with a drum sanding attachment? or maybe even a router table with a drum sander attached??

What do you guys reckon? :D

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I think the router table (using a router) would be too fast. I use my drill press for shaping the horn areas of the body and it works very well. I made a cutout in a piece of wood so that the drum can get a bit below the body - allowing the entire side of the body to be sanded in one pass. The body sits on top of the piece of wood. I think a lot of people do this. Let me know if I'm not being clear.

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