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Problem with a guitar


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Hi all, I'm new here. I need some help.

I got a guitar from a friend of mine (unknown brand but good body wood). I paid it about $20 third hand :D.

When I raise the volume up on my amp she starts making feedback. What could the problem be?


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ok guys heres a q similar from me...I have a very small area to play in and have lots of gear in it lol So i have a lil mic amp thingy i plug my mic into and its bout 5 feet from my mic stand and bout 10 or more from my amp when i use everything together it will sometimes feedback (the mic amp)for no reason sometimes it wont...last nite i found if i wasnt positioned a certain way with my guitar (kinda facing my amp) itd feedback...then soemtimes the guitar amp would feedback for soem reason...any suggestions on preventing feedback in my lil space?

Rich :D

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Welcome to the forum Alchool :D

First thing to check in either case is the amount of shielding in the electronics cavity's. If there is none present then the addition of it will greatly help.

Of course as stated above some guitars with lower priced pickups can produce less than desirable results no matter what, but the shielding is an easy quick fix to help eliminate some or all of the problems.

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Im going to add a couple thoughts here, sometimes the pickup height or the string setup is a big factor, if the pickups are too close to strings it can cause a myriad of problems, also at very high volumes, sometimes the amp cabinet can rattle bad, trust me i know and that makes it very annoying, cheap amp cabinets rattle badly, i like fender and all but at least 2 of the amps that i have had had cheap cabinet construction, and the metal chassis of the amps electronics rattled badly at higher volumes, also, the strings setup, if theres any fret buzz, it can be annoying amplified, at least I know when I have had some fret buzz in the past with the amp cranked up it was noticeable, then I worked on the setup and the amp was much more even tempered sounding, i thought it was the amp at first and realized later the setup of the strings helped tremendously, at least those are some of the expereinces that i have had with wacky sound problems and yea cheap pickups are also very very Guilty of feedback, if this is a strat i would suggest the noiseless pickups, very good pickups but not cheap. for a gibsonish or humbucker, i would either get with brian and get some good di marzios or slap some seymour duncans in it, cant go wrong with either of those pickups at all, or rio grandes, i got a set of those in my strat and they are bad assed!!!!!!

good luck to ya


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