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types of resistor


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how do you tell the difference, if there is any, by looking at carbon film resistors and metal film resistors.

i've read to use metal film resistors in my building of this.

would it sound bad, or just worse?

maybe it's a good idea to go with the ones i've got (i ignore the type) for a first build. what is more likely to be sold to an ignorant in an electronic's shop? ... :D


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Don't hold me to it, but I think Fred built the original with RatShaQ style 5%, 1/4 watt carbon films. Metal films would probably be a bit quieter, but so long as you stay away from carbon composition resistors, you shouldn't have any real noise problems. Where did you get your resistors? Most carbon comps are dark brown and cylindrical, while most films have slight bulges on either end and are either light brown/khaki or blue-green, but that's not universal. Checking your source is the best way to find out what you've got.

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i'm sure they are not carbon composition so i'll just go ahead with this, i've just transfered the image to the board, but some points have spots. i'll finish it as soon as i get a new marker, the one i had lying around has the point too thick.

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