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Dye and Oil

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I couldn't find anything about this when using the search feature. Basically: Can a dye burst, either sprayed with an airbrush or rubbed on by hand, be finished with tung oil? What about something like Waterlox or another oil based finish?

Basically what I'm saying is that I want to try my hand at a carriburst, but don't have the means to spray clear. What can be done?

Thanks for the help!

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has anyone ever tried using hair dye for a nice finish.

i hear it brings out the grain well.

i once used some domestic bleach to make my rosewood fingerboard look like maple, but it destroyed the wood

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Hi Skibum,

I just got some alchohol based dyes from LMII in which they discuss the impact of oil over dye in a little fact sheet. At the moment that sheet is in the garbage because I only use nitro and never expected this question to come up. My suggestion would be to contact them directly, because they can answer the question clearly and coherently. I can't.


Guitar Ed

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