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The Nuclear-Caster

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Ok people, its been about 4 months in the making but ive finally finished it. my first project guitar. ill just give a quick rundown of what it is and what parts etc then ill let you see the pics lol


3 Piece Alder body, Squire, not amazing wood but not too bad

1 Piece 22 fret rosewood fingerboard neck, Jim Deacon. pretty good actually tho might need a little more work to make more playable, more info on this later

Bridge is a WD Trem in black.

Tuners and elecronics is all off a squire, pickups as well

Pickgaurd was made by me on the Laser Cutter here at school

5 Way pickup selector, 1 Master Tone, 1 Master Vol and the third Knob blends between normal signal and a signal routed through a Treble Booster circuit based on the one Brian May uses.

the finish was entirelly dont with car touchup paintsfrom halfords. the clear was just automotive lacquer. there are a few sand throughs mainlly around the holes for the trem spring cover on the back (more about this later as well)

total cost of everything comes to about £230

Body and neck were £100 dead on

hardware and electronics was £90

paint came to about £40 in total

everything except the paint was brought through the same guy, a Roy Skates. anybody in the UK looking for good prices on guitar parts, feel free to PM me for his Email.

nehu thats most of the blurb. here are the pics






ok things i'll point of before anybody else does

Yes i know that in the trem cavity the claw to hold the springs is on upside down. i put it in like that,realised i dont it and then realised how much work it was to get it in. it doesnt affect the trem so i decided to leave it lol

also around the trem cavity there are sandthroughs around the holes. this is because when i was using wet and dry sandpaper with water i forgot to block he holes with wax, hence the gran expanded and i got sand throughs. one important lesson learnt. there are also two big scratches at the end of the cavity nearest thetrem, those are from my first attempts to put the springs in. ive since found a much better way to do it.

there ar a couple other little things that i would love to fix on this guitar but wouldtake a lot of effort for such a small thing. there is a sandthrough on the tip of the lower horn as well as a small chip in the clearcoat. also around the tuners on the headstock there are a couple of chips from where i put the ferules in (i think thats what they're called)

these areall minor things that annoy me a little but im willing to put up with them what with this being my first guitar etc.

so therewe have it. feel free toask any questions etc, kind words are welcomed critiscism is probablly fairenough lol. this will be entered in the ametuer GOTM tho given the entries this month i don't expect to win it lol

Johnny G

EDIT: moved pictures to photobucket.com since my old account didnt have enough bandwidth, Havn't been able to get better picture of blend yet

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Greg P, no worries, i need to come up with a better name for it, Nuclear-Caster is a bit cheesy methinks lol

Biohazard, thanks, im really pleased with the headstock, it took me three goes to get it to look good and now that its finished it really sets the whole guitar off i think. i also had to do it to get rid of the crappy Jim Deacon logo that was on it lol

Guitar Ed, it feels really nice, its the first strat-a-like that ive really had a chance to play and its everything i was hoping it would be, comfortable, fast neck and easy to play. as for how it sounds im really quite amazed with it. ive found that since the tone control is situated before the boost, i can turn the built in boost up full roll the tone control down and its an instant mid boost. by combining it with one of the simple distortion pedals ive made it literally gets the rock tone right on the head. i can't wait untill i have the cash to upgrade the pickups lol. as for building more i definatelly want to, ive learnt so much just from building this one. i may have to wait a little while tho due to exams and other school stuff but i have a gap year coming up :D

j789, the change in colour is basically a poor boys burst but it does it fairlly quickly just at the edge before the front. i'll try to borrow my mates digital camera again so i can put another picture up for you

many thanks for the kind words guys, makes this even more worth while B)


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