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Capacitors and wire?


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Hi. I am building myself a guitar, and want to replace the capacitors and wire on this harness i have, because it is not wired correctly, and i want to get a fresh set of caps in as well. It is a les paul copy harness. First, what type of capacitor will i need? Second, what is the best type of wire to use for guitar electronics? Thanks. Neal

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As a rough guide, the higher the cap value, the less treble or highs you will get in your tone.. Also, the higher the pot rating, the more highs you will get.. I suppose that's why 0.047uF caps are used with 500k pots..

If you're making an LP copy, 500k pots with 0.047uF caps are a good start..

Incidentally, use metal film caps.. They last longer and (if I'm not mistaken) have a better tolerance..

As for the wires, I'd say go for the shielded, braided wires.. I've heard gauge 22 wires being recommended but I think it's kind of a trade off.. The thinner your wire, the harder it is (at least for me) to strip it but the less space it'll take up inside your control cavity..

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