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When Pickup = Amp

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Years ago I bought a lot (9) Joe Barden pkps, I have a few of each Tele, Strat, 2-tone.

His pkps always fit into the way I build guitars with pre-amps but using noiseless pkps, so I would always watch for them on Harmony Central and buy them when I saw them for good prices, normally I'd buy at $80.00.

Now, something is going on at Barden and he has stopped production, and the prices of Barden pkps has skyrocketed on the 'bay. They're getting around $225.00 for what I paid $80.00 for.

And some of my favorite 'stealth' amps go for $300.00 or less on the 'bay.

I was just thinking about the fact from a practicality standpoint how insane this is.

You consider everything that goes into an amp (in my case, old tube amps), y'know, all the product packaged inside an amp from the speakers to the old tubes to the circuitry to the cab itself to the chassis... and pile up all that 'stuff', and the possibilities of what a good amp can do...

...and toss all that on a scale against one, single, leedle small little pkp that, from a supplier point of view, probably has about $5.00 worth of parts in it.

Isn't that weird?

I was considering selling one of them to cop a cool old amp, and the thought of trading straight-up a tiny little pkp for a sweet fat old tube amp I found to be pretty humerous.

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It's always been my experience that the company that goes out of business does so because of a lack of profit, not because of profit potential.

They got so little recognition when they were in business that they couldn't stay in business. Now that they are out of business, those who appreciated them are now demanding more money for the product that now no longer get's manufactured. Seems like supply and demand to me.

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