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Translucent Finishes


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Hey guys... long time no speak! Finally got my ass moved to melbourne so I'm settled now... ahem anyways...

I just finished my hardtail jem copy. I have used a really nice piece of one piece ash for the body and it has a really cool grain to it. So I'm looking at finishing it in a translucent blue with matching headstock. Just wondered what you geys thought the best products / ways to go about this were? I've seen a couple of products on the market so I thought I'd test the water! I want to get a real glass type of finish to it as well... So any help would be much appreciated!



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I sprayed this trans-blue finish using a waterbased laquer from Stew Mac. First I sealed the body with a couple of coats of dewaxed shellac, then around 4 coats of clear laquer. I then shot 2 thin coats of laquer mixed with blue concentrated waterbased dye. Finish up with lots of clearcoats until you are ready to level and buff...

BTW, ignore the slightly matte appearance, I have more clear to shoot before leveling and buffing, so the top coats are a bit orange-peely at the moment.


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