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chip and dents in lacquer


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Any ideas how to remove chips and dents in lacquer. I have a really pretty looking bass(stained finish) that i would like to improve by removing the chips without refinishing the guitar.

I had thought of this:

reomove the damage section of lacquer with a dremel or other tool. Fill the cavity with lacqeur, let it dry then sand flat and polish up ???



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You're on the right track, but it's actually simpler than the proccess you describe...

If the bass is finsihed in nitro, simply wet sand the damaged area to key the finish and aid adhesion of your touchup. Spot fill the dents with undiluted nitro, and leave a good long time (weeks not days) for the laquer to cure. Then level with wet or dry paper on a hard block, and buff out. The touch ups should burn into the old finish and be nearly invisible.

If you suspect the finish is poly, you're in for a tougher time, but you can still touch it up. Any dings can be drop filled with thick CA (crazy) glue. Let it cure for a day or so, then level and buff out. Flakes of finush can be reattached with CA as well. The touchups won't be invisible, but should look pretty good when buffed out.

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