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Headstock Logo

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I read somewhere that the person used some kind of vinyl when putting the logo on the headstock, how's that done? All I've read is about things that are basically written on thin OH-paper through a laser printer.

Another issue is when dealing with a black bakground. I guess you could outline the logo / text with a black border and then paint the underside so you get the color.

I'm thinking about doing it this way or doing a pearl / abalone inlay for the Ibanez logo. And when I'm on that subject. Where can I get a real size pic of the ibanez logo?

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A buddy of mine made me a few.They came out great.If you guys need one let me know..

Heres a link to a pic of what they look like.They are really really thin and they look perfect.I was impressed.Im really happy with mine.They are vinyl tranfers so they have a clear film over them in the picture.


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