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I'm doing an inlay near the tremolo on my guitar. My question is if I should cut out the inlay in the veener top before I glue that on the body or should I route that after the veneer is on?

Another question is this; can I just glue the inlay right on and then put laquer over it 'till the edges disapear? This might not be so good though since I want a matte lock on the veneer. No glossy laquer.

And a little taste issue ;P

I'm planning to do this for inlay: http://home.online.no/~n-johano/Jethro_Tul...t_Of_cd2001.jpg

Just the silhouette of Ian. Should this be set so he stands up when the guitar is hanged fron the neck or should he stand up when you have the guitar on you?

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I'd probably route it out after adding the top since doing it before could lead to problems cleaning up the cavity and also position. Jeremy has a lot more experiance in this area and could probably help you out more.

Glue the inlay then clear till the edge's dissappear is always an option, but it get's harder the thicker the material is that your using.

Also the last question really depends on what you want yourself and also the size difference, but personally I think I would go with a larger one and put it on in players position.

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