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Exotic wood Tops...who is your favorite supplier?

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I'd be interested in any good UK sites of the same nature - if they exist. Prices I've seen tend to been very high..

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Jai & Scott:

I hate the fact that Exoticwoods.com doesn't show any pictures of their woods :D

What are their prices & do you have any pictures?

How easy were they to deal with?



Ohh, sorry I don't have any pictures, but they never over promised on their wood to me

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exoticwoods has a sister company, musikraft, that I have used for bodies & necks, and they have been very helpful and responsive to me. Though I think that they are aimed more at the wholesale rather than retail market.

Another source is Luthier Mercantile. They seem to have good stuff.

Or if you want veneer, try Flamingo Veneer. The shop is about 10 minutes from me, and I went down the about a month ago. Brian runs the place and spent a lot of time with me on what veneers he has, how they work, stuff like that.

Good luck, and remember the camera.

Guitar Ed

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your best bet is to go to the source...i.e. pacific northwest....youll find the best prices there and the quality....i like gilmore woods for some things.....they can be expensive, but they are worth it....marc is a good friend and often helps me out.....a little tip, dont badger him or get too ****...let HIM pick out some pieces....youll get killer deals that way

of course, i use some other places mostly because of price....maple works is good if you have resaw capabilities....ive bought some killer billets of sausage quilt from them for cheap....

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