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Baritone Guitars

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I know you have to get a longer scale neck and thicker strings but is there any other things you need to get different that a normal guitar like different pickups or bridges?

nope...that is it...of course you could do it with a regular scale length with just thicker strings but the extended scale helps

by the way with an extended scale you don't need thicker strings...the extra scale increases the tension enough

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Dylan: The low notes are much clearer and well defined on a baritone than on a standard scale guitar. It's like the difference between a guitar and a bass, but not quite that extreme. It still sounds like a guitar, just with the added clarity.

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No, not exactly...

Semi-funny story related to that question. One of the guys I used to work with made mention of the insane tension on the DK27 necks. That's a 27" baritone, strung up with a 13-56 set. He said anytime he tuned one up, the neck bowed like crazy and he had to crank the truss rod ALL THE WAY to straighten it back out. I'd worked on several of them, and had never had this problem. "Umm... what are you tuning it to?"

"Standard... why?"


Every DK27 he sent out before then was tuned to standard when it should have been tuned B to B. This tells you pretty much all you need to know about that guy. So, in answer to your question, no the strings won't snap (maybe the high B ), because the neck will go before the strings do. B)

*Edited because I didn't want those sunglasses

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that makes me have alot of faith in jackson guitars...i thought you were QC?

as a foreman at my job if something is done wrong by ANYONE it is my fault for not noticing

Yep, I was QC. The difference between him and me is that I actually liked my job and cared enough to not get fired. He didn't, so he got fired. The way we worked, we were all in different areas of the room facing different directions. No time to stand over anyone's shoulder and see what they're doing. Otherwise, we wouldn't have had half a dozen or so 27" scale guitars with 13's go out tuned to standard. :D

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