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Australia/US power adapters

the third eye

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Good advise, but read the instructions carefully of the new equiptment. Some products have switchmode power supplies which will take either voltage and step it down accordingly. If the product has an external power supply, ie the 'black brick' either plugged into the wall or half way up the cable, simply look at the specifications and purchase a similar 'Aussie" transformer. Only two specs you need are voltage and current drain.

........but please post again before trying these steps...................I aint responsible for the burnt smellin' ADA :D

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All the ADA MP-1 are either UK/euro/aussie voltage or USA and I needed a transformer to run my USA voltage ADA MP-1 here in the UK

The one I currently have used to be USA voltage but was changed professionally to have accept UK voltage.

TC are slightly better in that they have an internal transformer which converts the voltage (Marshall heads are like this)

Mains Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz (auto-select)


best wishes


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I have a killer, though expensive, idea that might work for you. A company called Richard Grays Power Company makes a unit that will step 220/240 down to 110/120 and leave you with 2 sets dual plugs sharing 20 amps for each pair of plugs. Lets see if I can make more sense of this. You will have a total of 4 plugs, each pair sharing 20 amps.

If you sense that your power supply is not getting enough juice, and most step down transformers are not very good, this might be a way to go, especially for your stereo gear.

The web site is: Richar Gray, and the unit is called the Sub Station.

BTW: Many of the European highend HiFi dealers hate this thing, with a passion.


Guitar Ed

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