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Marshall rebuild - noob needs help


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I am a noobie here and in the guitar world itself. I have a Marshall chassis that needs to be put into an enclosure of some sort and I just ran across this on ebay.

Marshall cabinet

Do you think this is legit. He only has one negative feedback for trying to overcharge on shipping, but he has a flat rate of $15.00 s/h/i on this cabinet which I think is reasonable. I am not that experienced with ebay and just need the advice of some seasoned pros.


Lovebone Funk Machine

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looks groovy to me..

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That negative he's got was from somebody who didn't check the shipping cost before bidding. It's a common problem, some nimrod gets a great deal on a large, heavy item and then freaks when they find out it costs money to ship it! If you like the cab, go for it - I'm sure he didn't try to rip anybody off, just got caught up in somebody else's stupidity (been there, done that!).

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