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Clear Pickgard Material?

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Well, my 2nd project is under way. Since this one will have a figured top, but I plan on loading the electronics from the top... I want to put a clear scratch plate on the guitar.

I've seen guitars with clear scratch plates on them, but where do you get the material from ?

Any links or suggestions?

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If your going to cut your own the acrylic lexan stuff at Lowe's is cheap

Thanks guys. I saw the stuff on StewMac, but I need the thick 3mm type stuff.

I had thought about the lexan at places like Lowes or HomeDepot, but I kept thinking, "Nah, surely there must be some special guitar stuff out there."

Works for me. :D

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As an alternative, there's place in the UK called the guitar shop do some nice wood pickguards in a variety of types.. bit expensive, but all guitar accessories (and guitars) seem expensive here compared to the US.

Something to consider, especially if you have a bit of spare matching maple around afterwards? To my mind's eye, it would look better than seeing pots and wiring through a clear scratchplate - I'd personally have to rear rout for those at least.

I gotta get a project going soon... who can I sell? :D


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