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Removinf a set neck & Re-topping


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I may be getting in over my head, but I wanted to get your feedback

A pal of mine is a cabinet maker that just ordered a 20 inch planer

I have access to a KILLER flame bookmatched maple set

He has an old "beat to hell" les Paul (not so old that it is vintage, It's an 85)

I am thinking if I planed down the top of the les paul, I could add the flame maple top & carve the top to make one AWESOME looking Les Paul

The only problem is...how do I remove the "set neck"?

Anyone have any ideas or tips?


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Though this is kind of skirting the issue, if you're up to the job of a good top carve and rebinding, you could easily incorporate the maple into a scratch built Les Paul. If you're not, and this is an attempt to simplify the project, forget it.

The basic question is - What do you gain by retopping rather than building from the ground up?

A scratch build would be no more difficult, quite possibly easier, and won't risk butchering an existing guitar. Aplogies if I'm dirrecting this at a very experienced builder, I'm a Noob on this board, so I don't quite have a handle on all the regulars levels of competance...


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