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hmmmm pickguard possibilities?

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saw this and it got me thinkin, if i could stick something to the back of some perspex(plexiglass) i could make a pickguard with any design..

thing is, what material would the design have to be on to stick to the perspex and look good...

paper seems like an easy one to get the design onto, but then how can i stick it without the glue or whatever being noticable?

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I recently saw a tutorial, its not really what you're looking for i dont think, but it looks cool still.

What this person did (apologies the person whose name i cannot recall) is take that silver reflective tape and cut it into shapes, sticking the shapes on the pickguard about 1/8 or even 1/4in apart from each other. Then using a black paint, i assume any color will do, cover the pickguard and tape etc. In the pictures it gave a really neat look, kinda like cracked concrete... but alot of cracks... and shiny concrete. :D

Now that i have totally butchered some guys tutorial B) , i am gonna look for it some more. Like i said, i dont think its what you are going after, but its all i could think of.

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