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lo impedance volume controls


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I'm rebuilding a Les Paul Recording. The pots have very low values: 1K linear for treble; 2.5k linear for bass and a 2.5k "BD" (balanced?) pot says the scematics. There is only one volume control for the 2 pickups, so I'm suspecting its blended. I saw the tutorial on blended pots and I'm wondering if I can apply the same theory of using resistors and capacitors to covert a normal linear pot to a blended. Any thoughts and what values would I use? CTS doesn't make the blended pot anymore, in fact, I'll have to do a little extra soldering to convert an available 5k pot to a 2.5k pot `ala the tutorial that's linked to this forum. Any thoughts or assistance? :D

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It's just a "standard" audio taper pot in an obsolete rating - it's the volume pot, it doesn't blend anything. You're probably going to have trouble finding one, but a 5K linear pot should work with a 5K fixed resistor wired across the outside terminals. I can't read what the schematic says, but it's wired exactly the way a volume pot is, with the RC network that keeps the highs from being attenuated at lower volumes. HTH.

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