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Washburn Nuno Bettencourt N4 model

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I saw a Nightwish video "Sacrament (of something, I dunno, I don't listen to them)" on a TV today and realized that the guy played N4 guitar!!! I would like to know if any of forum members own/owned this amazing guitar. I'm interested in rear pics of the guitar, especially the neck-to-body joint (Stephen's 5-bolt cutaway). If you have any info and pics, please post it here.

Thanx in advance

mullmuzzler | OSSMT

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keep checking on Ebay.co.uk I have seen a few new ones being advertised directly on there recently in the UK with plenty of good quality pics inc the back

I have an N2 which is also an excellent (cheap) guitar - I would imagine the N4 to be considerable better, hence a guitar to get your hands on.


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Hey all, Ive ouwned 1 a few years back and the neck access is great.As for the 2 piece bridge mine did not have one of those so thats all new to me.The body really wasnt well balanced for me...not comfortable to play.Mine had 1 3-way switch and 1 push\pull volume\tone knob...was really a nice and simple setup.As for the pickups that came with it,I thought that they were really weak,threw in some duncans and was alot better.Overall it was a good guitar just not for me.

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