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2volume no tone


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hey, please excuse my stupidity :D i have no idea how wiring in a guitar works, well i can wire up a guitar if i have good diagrams. my guitar has 1volume 1 tone 3way switch and 2dimarzio humbuckers, i want to make it 2volume no tone, a volume for each pickup. if i simply take out the tone pots capacitator will it become a second volume?

thanks matt

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No this won't work because you don't have each pot connected to each humbucker. I would say you will want to be following a diagram similar to this one:


It is for 2 humbuckers with two volume knobs and one 3 way switch. It also has a tone knob but I would say you'd be able to just simply ignore the tone knob from the diagram and follow the rest. So basically when that middle wire goes from the pickup switch to the tone knob then the jack. Just have it going to the jack and miss of the tone knob. I'm guessing that would work.

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... if i simply take out the tone pots capacitator will it become a second volume? ...

Yes, but not the way you want - if you short across the cap, you'll have two volume pots that both affect both pickups, and if you remove it, that pot will do nothing. To run the pots as two volumes, simply disconnect the wires from the switch ( make a note of which went where), remove all the wires from the pots and with the shaft facing toward you and the terminals up, connect the left hand terminal to the pickup's hot wire and the right hand terminal to ground - one pot per pickup. Then connect the middle terminal on each pot to the same lug that the pickup was wired to on the switch before you started, and connect the switch's output (this was the one that used to connect to the volume pot - you made a note, right?) to the jack. You now have two independent volume controls, and your switch works normally. Don't forget to route your ground leads so they all go to a single point ( usually the back of the first volume pot).

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