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DiMarzio vs. Seymour Duncan


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neither one of those has the attack and definition needed for slayer.what you have to remember is that even though some of slayer's songs are fairly straightforward,the majority are not.take alter of sacrifice or war ensemble for example.both have a root on the #6 string with counterpoints on other strings.the problem comes when you play these songs at the speeds they do the notes start to blend,sounding very muddy.then you have to back off on your distortion level in order to get the clarity needed,which takes away some of the aggression.in my opinion as a slayer fan and someone who plays their songs on a daily basis(for over 13 years)i can tell you that if you try to play these songs without emg 81s you will only go crazy trying to play them without sounding muddy.i just switched over to emgs about a year ago and found out i was a whole lot better than i thought i was.even my buddies who don't play guitar noticed the difference right away.trust me.if you have never tried them go to a music store that carries the esp hanneman or the kirk hammett model(with the 81s)and check it out.the ONLY way to play slayer or anything like it.but for mettallica or pantera or such any old high output pickup will do.

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they are both great pickups with great tone but the evolution is a lead players pickup with decent bite and great mids while the duncan custom is a dryer more rythm oriented pickup.of the two i like the duncan best and it is made in u.s.a if that's important to you.to me the duncans seem to be of a higher quality with better magnets.i had a dimarzio tone zone which sounded great when i bought it but now(10 years later)is too weak for anything i need it for.

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