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HVLP systems

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Good Deals here, and yes I've been playing with the Stew Mac waterbourne lacquer for some time now.

I have to admit I started using it for the enviromental advantages more than the finishing properties. The idea of a non-toxic easy clean up paint appealed to me. The stuff itself still needs a good cure time though before you can polish it out and of course it is a much thinner coating than some of the finishes offered by switching to the non-enviromentaly friendly finishes.

I am thinking about switching over to something else though just to experiment for awhile.

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ive got both the HVLP system and compressed air system for spraying........HVLP systems are very expensive and you really need to research them.....depending on what your spraying will determine if you need one, and of course your local laws.....personally, i never use the hvlp system.....i spray low viscosity paints and the hvlp just cant atomize them.....some do work with the waterborne finishes(make sure you have the correct tip) and most with lacquer.....be sure to ask those questions when buying one....they are not all equal......you also want to find one that has spare parts available.....one with lots of tip choices, and id go with at least a 3 stage turbine...here are some links to start researching



most of the good quality compressed air guns have spray adjustments anyway, so you dont have overspray.....id really suggest getting a decent gun like a devilbiss or a sata over any hvlp system

i really dont like any of the waterborne finishes....they arent very durable...polyester is the only way to go

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I would say stay away from HVLP. I had a system, used it a fair bit, and was never happy with the results. I also know of a few automotive places that bought them and got rid of them. They are wonderful for industrial paints and finishes, but the finish they give on fine work like guitar bodie's isn't acceptable for me.

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