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Flattening Veneers

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Sometimes you get a veneer that has a bubble or a wrinkle in it that won't go away and before you attemp to mount it here is the solution for making it flat.

FORMULA: 2 parts white or yellow glue, 3 parts water, 1 part glycerin, 1 part denatured alcohol

1. Mix all components together thoroughly and apply to both sides of the veneer liberally.

2. Let soak for a minute or two

3. Place veneer between fiberglass window screen (both sides) and add 2-3 layers of newspaper on top of the screen. You may continue by adding more newspaper, screen, veneer, etc., stacking as high as you like. Flip each veneer end for end so the wavy parts are not all in the same spot.

4. Place this "sandwich" in your veneer press with a caul on top (1/4" minimum.) and apply full pressure. * If necessary use two flat boards as a press with plenty of weight on top.

5. Change the newspaper 3 times the first day and leave under pressure overnight.

6. On the second day remove the sandwich from the press and take away the screen, it is no longer needed, as the veneer will not stick to the newspaper anymore.

7. Change the newspaper 3 times this day but do not put the sandwich in the press, just place weight on top of the caul to hold the stack down. It is easy to think this second day is unnecessary since the veneer will feel fairly dry, but it is not dry enough to press. This extra day is important for good final results.

8. On the third day the veneer is ready to use. If you do not use it immediately the veneer will stay flat for months provided a board is placed on top of the veneer stack, apply light pressure. Newspaper between the veneer is unnecessary at this point

Tutorial taken from the Veneering Forum Original Author Darryl Keil

* note added by Brian

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The way I do this is with a normal iron (as used for ironing clothes).

I heat it to the highest setting before steam, then apply light pressure on the bubble until the heat actually loosens the glue underneath, then that should flatten out the veneer pretty well, just apply pressure with a flat piece of wood after removing the iron to allow the glue to dry again.

The whole process only takes about 15 seconds, so don't sit the iron on the veneer too long!

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