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Bartolini bass pick ups


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Bartolini's, are in my opnion the best pickup for the best price. There are better, if you want to spend TONS of cash. But barts are really great.

They are all i use now, and they have a really kickin pre amp as well.

But they have such good out put, that unless you want the amazing tonal control that a pre amp provides, you would be fine with some passive pickups.

good qualtie bass- get some passives

shawty bass- get some actives to cover up the bad sound of the wood selection.

EMG's are good, but I think they sound to 'electrical' barts have a much more natural sound i think.


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bartolinis are really good if you like a clear "transparent' sound.

If your looking for more of a high gain sound try seymor duncan basslines.

I really don't care for EMG Bass pickups anymore.

Some people like a bass without a preamp for the vintage sound. But a good preamp shapes the tone of the bass. You'll pay alot more money to shape the tone in the same way on an amplifier. Besides you can always put on a preamp bypass switch.

Bartolini and aguilar both make excellent onboard bass preamps. I haven't try it yet but I heard the aguilar obp3 is the best.

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