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Les Paul Help

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I'm going to throw myself on the mercy of the forum and ask for what may seem basic help regarding the Gibson Les Paul.

I'm going to try to build one and need to know all the specs such as:

-Type of wood for body

-Type of wood for fretboard

-Where to buy pre cut standard Les Paul fret markers

-Anything else I'm leaving out

Thanks in advance for the help. Long live the forum!!


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Check the Gibson site?

-Type of wood for body: Mahogany with maple carved top

-Type of wood for fretboard: choice is yours, usually Rosewood or Ebony

-Where to buy pre cut standard Les Paul fret markers, www.stewmac.com maybe? not sure

-Anything else I'm leaving out.. well yeah theres lots of factors in guitar building.. :D

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Agree with LeeM. Stewmac definitely does carry a set of LP fretboard inlays in MOP - I bought one and it was very nice. Stewmac also sells a full size set of plans for a late 50's LP - very helpful to me in my current LP project. Also, the Gibson site does list individual LP models and gives the specs including wood for body and fretboard, inlay, binding, neck/body join location, electronics, etc. They show a picture of each and if you right click your mouse on the specs, you can download them to Excel for later reference.

Heres a pic of my LP style in progress. I'm modelling it after an LP Supreme, so it has a figured maple back as well as top. Have fun.


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