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Tone of maple through neck?

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Thinking about building my own guitar. Mainly as a duplicate of my current one, a Godin LGX-SA. But to correct some of the things I'm not happy with on the Godin. Namely no forearm contour, position of outputs (all 3!) and shape/size of lower bout. All these would involve hacking the Godin about, and I've just paid a fortune for it.

I'm considering the options. The Godin is mahog neck and body, with carved maple cap and ebony fretboard, SD Jazz and Custom pickups, LR Baggs tunomatic style piezo bridge and synth output. I like the tone, most of the time. Full, warmish, woodier than my strat, obviously, but bright enough when I need it.

So theorectially the thing to do would be to get the stuff from Warmoth and do the duplicate like that. But people say that through neck = more sustain and tone. People also say that maple is a very (maybe too?) bright sounding wood. And the only pre-made through necks I've found (Stewmac and Carvin) are maple. If I combined that with mahogany body (and mabye maple cap or laminate top) what sort of tone could I expect?

I know that's pretty much a 'how long is a piece of string question, but I wonder if anybody's used a maple through neck on a project.

Cheers, Mike MacSween

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