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EVH guitar

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Eddie Van Halen was the person who inspired me into taking up guitar, so I was thinking for my next project that I would duplicate Eddie Van Halen's Kramer Baretta, the red one with the white stripes. I have a good idea of how to do the paint job, but I wanted an as close as possible replica of his guitar, and I can't find any good pictures! Does anyone have a good picture of his guitar, it would help me out a lot! :D

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first off, im not a evh fanatic....i just make replicas

eddies guitars werent barettas...the body was actually a pacer and the necks were just some custom one offs from when they were designing the first baretta, commonly refered to the no-bozo baretta....ed would just get handfulls of the bodies and necks and his tech would paint them and assemble them

here is a tape template for the stripes


ill try to get pics of the back and headstock up in the next few days

for a real evh paint job, you want to use spray paint while drinking a few beers.....paint it white first, tape off with blue 3m tape, be sure to get all the seams tight.....paint it red, remove the tape.....reverse mask for the black stripes and spray them.....if you want the relic look let me know, ill give you some pointers

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