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Fake Shell or Inlay substitutes

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I was hoping someone here would know of any places that sold fake shell or cheep substitutes. I need them to practice inlay techniques with so I don’t have to be burning a hole in my wallet in the learning stages

Also; Calvin could you show me where I could get a router base for a fordom flexshaft. I don’t know if the stewmac one will fit a fordom flexshaft. Maybe telling me what you use will be the best bet because it sounds like what you have works well. So if you could kindly take the time to list off what you use and where to get it I would appreciate it so very much and I mean very much!

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Who's Calvin?

I assume you mean C Lavin my user name :D

I got my router base for my Fordom from Stew-Mac.

They make one to fit the flex shaft. Call them for details, or go to their site.


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sweet nice tips. Also thx Clavin, I ment 2 type Clavin but typed Calvin sorry about that.

Anyone have sucsess with other inlay materials preferbly cheep ones? If show share what you know. That would be great :D. Im a beginner and would love 2 learn as much as possible befor i start B)

And where could you get silver or metal rectangular wire stock that could be used for the stem of a vine in an inlay?

And Clavin what modle of fordom would be good for inlay?

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