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washburn n2 frankenstein questions

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hi guys

with all the guitar porn available here,its only a matter of time before the customizing bug comes in.

i am sorry i cant get any image to make my case easier to understand,but i will try my best to explain.

i have a washburn N2 body with no electronics on it.just the body.because of the previous washburn trem which cause alot of problem,i am now thinking or installing a flush trem instead.i will have to cover the previoulsy floyd routed area.(any info on this)

either a fender amercian trem or a PRS flush trem.any of u guys here got previous experiences?

here are a few more ideas that i am thinking about.any comments about the below will be greatly appreciated

1)a jem style cutaway? (for guitars with no cutaway on the back,is there any considerations pts?)

2)a aanj style neck joint?(the current joint is a bolt on with the metal plate,izzit possible to acheive a aanj style necj joint?)

feel free to give ur views on it man.thanks.u can also contact me at blueginn@hotmail.com

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Hi there. Welcome aboard and to the world of "Ooooh, I need to do that to my guitar". :D

Yeah, everything you mention is possible. I would suggest a lurk in the tutorials of the main site to answer most if not all of your questions. --> www.projectguitar.com

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I have a Washburn N2 neck. By the way this neck looks, I would have to assume that an N2 body would be a little different than normal. I think the N2 body's neck rout goes farther toward the bridge than a typical strat-type body.The neck is 22 frets and has no fret-board extension, as a normal strat neck does.

This probably means that if you put most necks on that body, it will throw off where the bridge saddles are supposed to go.

But, maybe there are other necks also made like the N2 neck that will fit, if you don't want an N2 neck.

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