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Bill Lawrence Pickups


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I have heard/seen much discussion about Bill Lawrence's guitar pickups, but I have heard very little about his bass pickups, especially his J-Bass pups. Does anyone have any experience with these? How do they compare, in quality and value, to Bartolinis or other high end bass pickups?

I checked Harmony Central, but there was only one review; I tend not to trust HC unless I can see a broad range of views on a particular item and form my own opinions.

Any help is great, be it from you, a friend, or your best friend's neighbor's new girlfriend who may or may not have had a past relationship with her ex-boyfriend's former roommate with a set of Lawrence J pickups.

PS I used the search feature first and found nothing. I did a google search and found little. You now have no choice but to answer my questions. MWAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! :D

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