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  1. I saw him play here in the Philippines last year when he did guitar clinics across Asian cities. He's one hell of a musician. He seemed like a real nice guy, too. Here's an amateur video of him playing in some festival. It's not exactly a small file, the video's dark, and I'm not sure if it's still online, but if you're really curious... http://www.zizzetope.it/andy_timmons_live_in_bauscialand.wmv AFAIK, the songs played are: Super 70's Pink Champagne Sparkle Falling Down Beautiful Strange Cry For You
  2. i'm a bit confused... anyway, i use those discs on two strats and are doing fine. then again, i don't really wave my guitar around like a madman when playing. i've only dropped a guitar once in 12 years in the first place, so i guess i'm not a good judge of the sturdiness/reliability of the dunlop lokstraps.
  3. i just built the Ultra Clean Power Supply project from generalguitargadgets.com and i'm really happy with it. it's my first successful electronics project.
  4. The website says they'll be available on Q2 2005.
  5. yes, electronic tuners. check buzzfeiten.com. it cites tuners, like the Korg DT-7, which suitable for use with BFTS equipped instruments.
  6. LOL! yeah, the dude who uploaded the pic was a bit overzealous in hiding the identity of the player.
  7. Someone from another forum I visit posted this, asking for some background info: http://www.geocities.com/nosecrecy/yamahaunknown.jpg I could've sworn I seen something like this before. But after some googling, I realized that I may have been mistaken. Now, I'm intrigued about the guitar myself. Any help in getting info about this model would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. i'm not sure what you mean by "knock-off." i do have these decent ceramic single coils that came from a Chinese strat of mine. if not for the fact that they were terribly microphonic, they would have been nice. the alnico pickups from an old Fernandes strat of mine are good.
  9. well, if you want to go ahead with the ebay auction, we can't stop you. personally, i'd just go look for a used DiMarzio or something. then order a real BL pickup afterwards.
  10. No, that's a 'fake.' That's a Bill Lawrence USA pickup (Wajcman). There's a huge difference, or so I hear. You can only buy authentic new Bill Lawrence pickups direct from the Lawrences (http://www.billlawrence.com).
  11. ...if only them BL's were easy to get...
  12. I believe the first Squiers were made in Japan (the "good" ones), and then Korea later on. I think some Squiers are made in Indonesia now.
  13. This reminds me of an old Dimebag interview in Guitar World. From what I recall, he expressed his disdain for having security tightly barring fans from getting on stage and stuff. He didn't mind the audience having a piece of the action on stage even at the risk of getting himself hurt and gear damaged.
  14. Mark Chapman, the guy who shot John Lennon.
  15. Yes, Tokai's and other Japanese copies are good.
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