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ok after 1 week with the help of my grandfather on my custom guitar, its going great and now im on my own. the body is shaped and sanded, the neck is done, truss rod fitted, tuner holes drilled etc. the inlays are in on my fretboard but i need some advice.

a few things:

1.) what should i use to fill in the small cracks around some of the inlays?

2.) once thats done, im very nervous about fretting. im going to take alot of peoples advice and build a fret bending jig. but still, i here that a small screw up could cost you the sound of the guitar, im just nervous to do it.

3.) so once i finally get through fretting i can glue on the fingerboard and start fitting the neck right?

thanks, keep in mind ive never done this before and i appreciate the help that this forum has provided along the way.

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