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An extreme long shot

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I bought a Kent Armstrong Motherbucker second hand a few weeks back, but the guy who sold it said he couldn't find the screws or springs. No problem I thought, the ones already holding my Pacifica p'up in will be the right size. Oh dear, how wrong. The ones for the old p'up are 3mm thick, the ones needed for the motherbucker are 2mm max. Damn.

So basically, the question is, does anyone know where to buy 2 x 25mm screws that should hold my pickup in place? :D

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Gah, imperial measurements! B)

I think this would be what I want, but it doesn't say anything about the thickness of the screw (if it does, please explain it to me, I moved to metric a while back :D ).

I guess stewmac ship worldwide, being in the UK?

And thanks for the welcome, don't get that on many forums. :D

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1/4th of an inch is 6.38 mm

if you want 2mm thats about 5/64ths of an inch, i dont think thats what you need. Use the 1/4 inch ones, thier made for humbuckers, so im sure they would fit a motherbucker

6.38mm thick? If so, they're 3x too big, they're officially not going to fit. Trust me, I've measured the screw hole, it's 2mm. The guy I bought them off even said that's the thickness I need.

I think my best bet may be to check out an electrical store in town, and maybe the hardware store around my area.

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I would just drill and tap the holes in the Motherbucker to fit the Pacifica screws.

Or just drill it and glue the right size bolt over the top of the hole.

But if I had taps I'd tap it :D

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Why not just email Kent Armstrong and ask if they can send you a set of mounting screws and springs?

Email: sales@wdmusicproducts.co.uk

Phone: 044 (0)1233 820082

Fax: 044 (0)1233 820345


WD Music Products (U.K.)

Unit 31, Old Surrenden Manor,

Bethersden, Ashford, Kent. TN26 3DL

Sometimes, the easiest, most obvious answer will give you the best results.

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