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Question About Floyd Rose Trem Installation

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I resently started contruction of a guitar and not really knowing a whole lot about the project i did some reseach and desided to do a floyd rose trem. so i went on ebay and found a floyd rose bought it. it came with no instructions and i went a head on installing it by taking notes from my strat style guitar with its tremolo the trems are very different but i thought that they would be install the same way now my question is does there need to be any routing done to the top of the guitar to install a Floyd Rose trem or does it sit on top like the trem of my strat style guitar?


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1st thing, wrong forum(as in section) , second it depends

it depends on if you have a neck angle or not. If you have a adequate neck angle to keep the strings parallel to the neck , then routing the top to recces the trem isnt neccesarry, however if it is not made with a neck angle, reccesing the floyd is another options to keep the strings parallel to the body. though both have their seperate pros and cons (not only relating to if the strings are parrallel), that I, since i dont use a floyd, am not enlightened enough to elaborate, however there are many, more enlightened people on this forum that could elaborate more

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go to your local music store and see if they have a peavey wolfgang, it's a top mount floyd, ie it sits on the top of the guitar directly, no routing, and no pulling back on the trem, only down. depending the depth of the neck pocket and the thickness of the neck at the heel, it may not require any neck angle.

These are the only instructions i know of to install a floyd.

Floyd rose installation instructions for a stratocaster

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