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Am I correct in thinking.....

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I've had a look through the Inlays and Finishing section of this forum and just wanna confirm that it's ok to use clear automotive cellulose spray paint to lacquer a guitar. Are there any downsides to using this stuff as apose to 'proper' lacquer designed specifically.for use on instruments?

Am I correct in thinking that Sanding Sealant- You apply it to wood before you paint or lacquer it, this helps to stop the grain texture showing through and doesn't affect the appearence of the wood if you decide to go for a transparent finsh to the guitar

I'm totally new to the world of wood finishing, I just want to got things clearer in my head.



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Auto cellulose is fine - imho there is no such thing as 'special instrument lacquer' - it just seems to be a reason for the companies to sell it for more than auto stuff by putting a picture of a guitar on the packaging :D

When manufacturers started lacquering guitars originally, they used what was already available ( in the same way Fender used dupont paints ) - over the years I've found nearly everything that claims to be specifically for use on guitars is just repackaged standard stuff sold at a premium - you can generally find exactly the same product under its generic name much cheaper.


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