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  1. Thanks guys. I've been calculating from an "ideal" string height, which for a bonehead like me would probably result in making the angle too shallow.
  2. Hi all. I'm working on an Explorer and I'm at the point of calculating the neck angle. I'm comfortable with that except that I can't seem to find information on the amount of downward adjustability I should allow for. For example, would I want an 1/8" gap between the bottom of the thumbwheel and the body? I'm using a traditional style Gotoh as pictured.
  3. Very late responding, but thanks for the advice, everyone. I am indeed getting rid of the deviation before glueing up.
  4. I just figured out the title on this stinks. It should probably read: When is it ok to skip planing when wood is slightly curved?
  5. Hi all, I'm building a neck-through with a 3-piece mahogany neck. I've cut the 9" by 40" neck lumber into three strips and left them stickered for a couple of days. Now when I stack them, two of the pieces are flat, but the third piece deviates about 1.2mm over the course of the 40". Is there a point where I don't need to mess with jointing and planing? The wood straightens with very little pressure, so my assumption is that the tension I'd be creating would be negligable. Is that accurate?
  6. I thought maybe it's fabric with sequins. It looks a little too 'controlled' to be sparkles. Any thoughts?
  7. Are they something like this? http://www.havels.com/diamond---carbide-burs-carbide-burs-straight-fissure.html I can't figure out the sizes from their numbering system and they appear to be up-cut compared to StewMacs down cut bits. As someone who's not done this yet, is down-cut really that much cleaner?
  8. That's an interesting idea. If I can make it with tight enough tolerances, I may give that a go.
  9. Sorry, I've been away. Thanks everyone for the input. I'll just make the pin more adjustable than I originally planned.
  10. I just received my 34/30" fretboard template from LMII a few minutes ago. I also ordered the locating pin to keep things simple. The thing is, they don't fit together. Shouldn't the pin extend all the way into the template? Both the pin and the notches in the template are angled. Because of that, it looks like the template will rack if the locator is sticking out too far, or slide around around if it's not sticking out far enough. Am I just doing it wrong? Dave
  11. There may not be enough of us to justify inventory at a Guitar Center, but you're right, there are quite a few of us shopping online. Honestly, the main reason I'm attempting to build guitars is because the models I want aren't available as lefties.
  12. You might talk to TonePros. Based on my limited conversation with them many (if not all) of their bridges can be reversed.
  13. Your radius jig worked great! I have a nearly identical one in mind (only a 44" radius and some black gas pipe I have on hand) when I get around to building an Iceman.
  14. Here's a site that explains it better than I could. :-) And this thread too.
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