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  1. I dont know much about the topic, but Modulus used to make thier necks with out truss rods and the ones I played seemed stable. I believe they only started using the rods for marketing reasons, players were frightened by no truss rod. I never had to adjust the truss rod on the Modulus that I owned...
  2. FWIW: Old WAL basses has tooled leather pickguards.
  3. I don't think it alters the tone as much as some others believe, but it does. Yes the pickups are detecting the strings vibration and send it to the amp, but the characteristics of the wood will effect the way they strings vibrate, thus altering the tone.
  4. Hey! That's my bass. It's finished with Woodburst, and I'm pretty happy with the results. It's not the best job, but that is my fault and not the products. It did take alot of coats, about 10-12 to get it to the color I wanted. When finished is has a very dull luster, like a worn down SG. I did add about 5 coats of gloss waterlox has a clear coat and it really made the color pop out. I don't know if the layering will work with oils, as the bond with the coat below it and is more in the wood than on the wood. It doesn't really stay as separate coats. I've had plays to redo t
  5. I have all my plans drawn out and I'm ready to. Only thing is, I live in an apartment and have no place to work. Any builders work out of their apartment?
  6. It's pretty thin. On the Rocco I had, I would say it was 1/16 of inch, maybe a little less...Those are some great instruments.
  7. I tried it and it worked pretty good. The screw "ears" is where I kept screwing up. I got pretty frustrated and just decided to take a shot at winding my own custom shape pickups. I wanted to experiment with different designs anyway...
  8. Does anyone have any tips for making pickup templates? I need to mkae a template for Stringray style humbuckers. Also, any tips on tranferring paper drawing onto plywood for accurate body templates? Thanks guys
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